Something I don’t understand is when guys say they really enjoy being single, but then they say how great it would be to have a great girl in their life. It makes no sense at all to me, how can you enjoy being single but at the same time want a great girl in your life? I can understand if somebody says they are happy being single and does not want to be in a relationship or if somebody says that they really want to be in a relationship because they hate being single but to say you are happy being alone but want to meet somebody is crazy.
What about you where are you at? Personally I think the only reason a guy would say that they really enjoy being single, but they want to have a great girl in their life, is they are trying to cover up for their lack of skills approaching and dating women, in other words they are lying to themselves.
Let’s cut the crap, if you are not happy single and you want to have a great girl in life, but currently you don’t have the skills to get her admit that to yourself. A great girl (whatever that means to you) is not just going to fall from the sky so you two can live happily ever after.
Do you want the skills to not only attract your perfect girl but also keep her? If you do it’s important to understand that you are going to have to put some work into it. Just reading blogs, newsletters or books on the subject will help but unless you stop lying to yourself and actually get out there and make something happen nothing will.
If you don’t get out there and start approaching and dating more women your skills will never get better, yes I understand that at the start it is hard to approach women when you are out but with every approach it gets easier and your success rate will increase. If you are not sure where to start we offer one on one coaching to get you on the fast track to success.
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