There is no question about it. When you know how to create sexual tension with a woman you have it made. You know how to turn on a woman and really make her feel those sexual sparks that make her eyes light up with glee.   Any guy that really knows how to create sexual tension with a woman is going to have much better odds of getting dates and getting a girlfriend. The problem that most nice guys have is… they don’t know how to create sexual tension with a woman.

Here’s WHY Nice Guys Just Don’t Get It When It Comes to Sexual Tension

Without any friction between you and a woman, then there is also probably no spark, either. In order to get that sexual spark that makes her want to hop in bed with you,   the friction has to be there. When you are only focused on trying to be nice to a woman, it is inevitable that she is going to feel little in the way of friction and of course little in the way of sexual tension. Nice guys put way too much stock in trying to be so nice.

It all boils down to the fact that the nice guy does not create any kind of feelings that resemble tension or sexual desire with a woman. Now, some guys interpret this to mean that they need to become some kind of a jerk to get women to want them and while that may seem like the way it is at times, you really don’t need to be a jerk at all.
What you do need to be is REAL which means that you are going to speak your mind, conflict with her opinions when that is really the way that you feel and if possible, be playful about the whole thing. You don’t have to and you really should not employ any tactics where you are just trying to agree with whatever a woman says or avoid any possible conflict at all. Not if you want to make her feel that kind of tension that will make her want to end up in bed with you, at least.

You also need to realize that there is a fine line

Now, some guys will try to create those sexual sparks with a woman and go about it completely wrong and of course, they do not end up getting the desired results that they want. This is natural and it takes some time before you really get into your own little groove where it becomes normal for you to just be yourself and be playful and even bust a woman’s chops just for fun. There is a thin line between busting her chops and just being mean and you need to make sure that you tread on the right side of things, or else she will feel more contempt towards you than she does DESIRE.

For any guy who wants to know how to seduce women, then he also needs to discover how to create sexual tension with a woman, there is no other way.