If you’re reading this, then you’ve agreed you’re eighteen (that’s the legal stuff). I’ve been a teen, I’ve dated teens,   I’ve seduced teens (they were eighteen and nineteen of course). I’m not going to give you any hard core stuff, just some good basic advice that will get you the girl, what you do with her is your choice, and if you haven’t gotten your copy of the secrets book yet, your loss.
Ever hear the expression «go for the gold», it simply means going after something that you want with passion.   Now that works with girls, but you have to use it intelligently, since while they DO want to be pursued, they don’t want any old lamer chasing them. Now then, since you’re not a lamer, you’re going to do it right, right?
You’ve got to do just a bit of flirting, with the right intention, with the right skill, with the right intent, do it right (but don’t over do it) and you can have her (what you do with her will not be covered in the article).
So what then is the right kind of flirting? The key thing to think about is time, we live in a busy world, and if we’re going to accomplish something, you’ve got to gather up the goods and go to it now. Sure we can text, but that’s after you get her number.
The thing you want to do is get a reaction, something that tells you there’s some interest, it might be a subtle signal, but it’s the key to walk over and say hi.
You do not want to be labeled a «stalker», so do it right, keep it fun and interesting and break the ice. All you’re really doing is sending a subtle signal, and nine times out of ten, you’ll get something in return, that something might be the cue to walk on over, or turn and run for your life, but I digress and this isn’t about my times with crazy women:).
All you’re doing is sending a subtle signal that says, «Hey, I’m an okay guy, and I might be fun to hang with». It not hard and what you want to concentrate on is the fine line between looking with interest and a downright stare.
In football, it’s the two minute warning, in flirting with it’s the 2 to 3 second window. Shorter then this and you’ll be sending the wrong signals saying «oops, you caught me». Longer and you’ll be saying, «I want you now». And of course you might actually have that thought, but you don’t need to send it, at least not yet. A look, a smile, a nod and inside yourself, have confidence. If you need to practice at home, do it (probably in private), you don’t have to come off as «Joe Cool», just be sincere.
I mentioned the 2 to 3 seconds, that’s key, less than that as mentioned, and you’ll appear to have been caught staring, more than that (to someone you don’t really know), will probably put them off, not lure them in. Of course if you do get a positive response (, and you will more often than you’d think), it’s okay to look a second time.
Rather than standing in the hall (or wherever) just looking, it’s best if you can already be involved in a conversation with the guys, then look her way, then back to a spirited conversation. The idea here is to show interest, but not appear needy.
This may be the dreaded «first impression», so be yourself, be confident, don’t be to «full of yourself», just start the ball rolling. Once it’s rolling, you add all the speed you need down the line.