The male orgasm is the pinnacle of pleasure for every man, and undoubtedly is also less complicated and difficult to achieve than the female orgasm. Not because of it we should give less importance to it when we get it, because many men ejaculate without pleasure and also, in the masculine gender, some fake orgasm. When the man gets a sexual stimulus, it excites him and this causes a nerve impulse that travels to their sexual organs and causes contractions in:

  • Prostate
  • The channels that carry sperm
  • In muscles of the hips, thighs and penis.

Simultaneously, heart rate accelerates and breathing, blood pressure increases. As sexual stimulation advances to reach the point where the final phase of stimulation begins, the man’s body prepares for a gold buckle with the climax. At this point, the beats are getting faster and breathing becomes stronger. Sometimes there are unintentional contractions in the rest of the body. Some scholars say that these muscle contractions throughout the body can be taken as an impetus to penetrate more strongly. When a man is about to end, may have another reflection, which would be to strongly embrace his partner and hold firmly.

Meanwhile, inside the body, a number of interesting things occur. In the prostate gland seminal fluid builds up, giving a feeling of being about to ejaculate, penetration and stimulation continue… And then the orgasm comes! When the orgasm is reached, the testicles get closer to the body, the urinary tract is closed, so that the semen comes out of the urethra in the penis instead of urine, and surrounding pelvic muscles (base and shaft of the penis, anus, rectus and pubococcygeus muscle) contract and orgasmic sensation appear, then it becomes a great moment for him. During orgasm , the muscles involved will get contractions at a pace of about 8 times in 8 tenths of second Thanks to the contractions, the semen is released . The semen can be released in two ways:

  • Dripping
  • Steady stream

The way in which semen is released depends on the condition of the male sex muscles, which is why the sex exercises are so necessary. Of course it also depends on other factors such as; the time lap that has passed since the last ejaculation and seminal fluid accumulated during the stages of arousal. Along the way a man feels intense pleasure .

Orgasm and ejaculation

We tend to believe that male ejaculation and orgasm go together. However this is not true. Orgasms are different levels of intensity and the fact that ejaculation comes some times does not mean that the orgasm was something truly exquisite. We also know that men can be multi-orgasmic without ejaculating and end with a single orgasm. Few men experience this other side, where the pleasure is doubled in the same sexual encounter. To experience multiple orgasms, the sex exercises are the foundation for success. In fact, learn Keggel exercises, which are used to strengthen the pelvic floor, especially for women with urinary incontinence, it is also big a player in the sexual pleasure game. When doing the keggel exercises, one of the benefits we will gain will be the increase of the intensity of the feeling of the orgasms , for her and for him. You can learn to control and strengthen these key muscles that will give you better, stronger orgasms (with practice) and more powerful ejaculations. It Can make a man become multiorgasmic is based on that orgasm is a process that can be interrupted once started and finish it, because it is a fact of muscle contractions. Therefore, learning to control how these muscles contract, the man can have an orgasm , stop before ejaculation, and continue the sexual romp, to feel orgasmic contraction, stop and go again, until you ejaculate.
Stimulation should be increased gradually to achieve a rich male orgasm
Provoke him!
The key for them to enjoy the orgasm is the constant stimulation. But this stimulation has a secret: You must be progressive! Do not start to fast, go slowly. When you make your moves this way, you can maintain the sexual area muscles to maintain the tension, while the desire is growing. These are some techniques to elicit a hearty male orgasm…
Look but not touch. Men get really excited by sight. Wake up the eroticism of man with sexy poses and gestures that are not too obvious. Use body language!
Once the passion is awakened… play with two of his erogenous zones at the same time. For example, while masturbating his penis, kiss him passionately and slightly bite his ears.

When the boy is well excited, stop it a little! Remember that you want to get full excitement, then, put your thumb over the head and your hand on the base of the penis. Squeeze gently for a couple of seconds, release it and wait ten seconds to repeat the action on his penis. This slows the orgasm that was coming, but the tension and the accumulation of blood continues to grow, so this increases the intensity of a future orgasm.

Change sexual position when ever you feel the ejaculation being close! The activity in brain areas related to sexual arousal.

Put yourself on top of him, when he penetrates you, tighten your vaginal muscles. Train these muscles with sex exercises .

When you are on top if your man has not reached orgasm but is about to do it, withdraw slowly give caresses to his testicles with your hand, take it and give them a pull down. This works because the perinea area shrinks witch causes a stronger ejaculation , which causes the wave of pleasure running through the body more deeply.
When the orgasm come keep going… the party is not over yet ! After ejaculation, take a soft and delicate oral sex session…. It will be spectacular!