Topless dancers are very fashion conscious so be sure you look sharp if you want to pull women in topless clubs.
There are different types of topless bars and each one has acceptable ways to dress. Overdressing or underdressing will definitely have a negative impact on your ability to pull women. If you are in an upscale”gentleman’s club”, you won’t want to be wearing a t-shirt and ratty jeans. If you are in a mid-level club, dress business casual. Dive bars generally expect casual. I’ve seen guys go in to dives wearing suits. What they don’t know is that everyone is laughing at them. The same applies to the guy that wears outdated clothes into a mid-level or upscale club. If you are wearing fashion from 3 years ago, you are being ridiculed whether you know it or not. Dancers are very fashion conscious. They are in a business that is all about looks. Be sure you look sharp.
The contrast to this theory is that I’ve seen guys from all walks of life do well in topless clubs. But what I have noticed about this fact is that men tend to do best in a club that is appropriate for their lifestyle. Bikers who like to wear their colors and chaps do best in the dive to mid-level clubs (Ride on, bros!). Stock brokers do better in the up-scale clubs. If you are flexible as a person and have a varied wardrobe, you can do well in all types of clubs. Just remember to be consistent in the clubs you frequent.

Obviously, general rules of hygiene are going to apply whenever you are trying to pick up any women. Be showered, fresh and well groomed. Another thing is cologne. Don’t wear so much cologne that you gag everyone in a 20 foot radius. Also don’t wear cologne that was in style when your Dad was creeping around the clubs.
I have noticed that if you go with a fairly conservative look that is neat and stylish you’ll do better overall. If you prefer a specific type of girl, you may be able to get away with dressing in a particular style, i. e. goth, punk, rap, etc. but note that it will limit you more often than not.

Another thing that really makes a difference is shoes. Ever notice that dancers always have very stylish shoes or boots? Yep, they notice yours too! Be sure you have good shoes. I tend to favor Italian leather soles. Trust me, they will get comments.

Dress for success. Clothes make a man. Oh, and did you remember your gum? Fresh breath! Especially with all of the alcohol and cigarettes!