Derek Vitalio conducted an experiment to find what results he would get if he approached 50 women in two days.
I decided to conduct an experiment; what results would I get if I approached 50 women in two days?
Some of my students want the latest, most advanced techniques to seduce and attract women and yet I’m always surprised at the fact that that they continue to refuse to do the basics. For example, how do you expect to seduce women if you don’t want to leave your house to where THEY are? Just getting out of the house with the intention of meeting women *tonight* is half the game for some people.

Now, when you have approached about 300 women, something magical begins to happen. Your intuition becomes honed. You become sharp. You begin to know what to do. You can begin to predict what girls will do, say, and think. Getting laid will become much easier. You will begin to become choosier as to who you take home. Did I say 300? For some people it might take as many as 500 approaches. But because of the amount of experience you accumulate in the process, you’ll begin to naturally give off a tremendous sense of security and confidence that women in any social gathering will instantly notice.

Many guys will be surprised as to how little you rely on advanced”techniques”at this level of intuition and experience. Your new inner strength and laid back, relaxed demeanor will be enough to tilt the seduction advantage in your favor.

So how do you become this kind of person who commands the knowledge that you have the power to meet as many women you like, tonight? First of all, you must realize that this is a numbers game. If you break down the above example of 300 approaches, you’ll see that you can reach this goal in about three or four months if you walk up to three new women each and every day, or about 21 approaches each week. And if you do five approaches each day (quite easily done) for a year, you’ll have over 1, 800 experiences with new women under your belt! It’s like rolling dice; you’ll eventually roll a snake eyes if you roll the dice enough times… except that in seduction it’s not all luck. The more approaches you do, the better you get and the better your odds keep increasing.
The second thing you must keep in mind is that you cannot let women’s reactions, positive, or negative, sway your state. The state you need and want to keep is a combination of fun, talkative, playfully suspicious, mischievous, relaxed, and grounded, where you really don’t take anything too seriously.

Third, once you have this state firmly in mind practiced and anchored, you must then set your intention for the night: you are going to go out to socialize and mingle… and NOT to”seduce.”You’re aim is to see if you can create a good vibe or feeling with the women you approach. Women you do this with will naturally want to talk to you further and hook up with you.

Fourth, you must properly set up a frame which you will be operating from that will make the whole thing a fun and entertaining experience for you. Some people like to set up a frame where it’s as if they’re inside a video game. Others pretend like if they’re inside the Matrix and they can bend all the rules.

This leads us to the fifth element, your beliefs. First, realize that women are friendly, love sex with the men they want it from, expect you to approach them, and as long as you come cool, like it when you do. Second, there is no one looking at you or keeping score. The reality is no one knows you and NOBODY cares what you’re doing. Don’t get caught up in this fear of”people will see me get rejected”thing. If you do get rejected, just pretend like you didn’t (don’t show the physiological signs of disappointment) and no one will be the wiser. Third, do not take anything personally.

Believe and know that in this game, the process is what is the most important. Every day you go out and ACT you will find it a learning experience and you will FEEL GOOD the morning after knowing that you went out and DID IT. It is only through ACTION that all the seduction techniques you’ve learned will explode forth and come to life.
A lot of guys find it helpful to decide what specific opener they’ll use for the night that they can use over and over again. Many guys clam up because they’re trying to keep multiple openers in their head when they haven’t mastered even one. And mastering an opener doesn’t mean you have it memorized; it means you’ve used it at least twenty times. “Mastery”means you have the opener on autopilot where you’re free to notice all kinds of nonverbal communication from her.

Hence, I wanted to see what would happen if I used ONE opener on 50 women in two days.
So for two days (a Saturday and Sunday), I approached approximately 50 women. The opener I used was based on basically asking her opinion on a topic women find irresistible: relationships. The opener’s structure involved asking women’s opinion about possessiveness in relationships.

Here’s the results:

Day 1, Saturday 28 approaches:
1 phone number from a waitress
5 phone numbers at a night club
2 make-outs at a night club

Day 2, Sunday 22 approaches:
1 phone number from a girl at a pizza place
1 phone number from a girl outside a club in the parking lot
1 make-out with a girl at a club
An”instant date”with a girl I met at a bar and a lay the next day

Remember, I was using the SAME opener for every single interaction, even though I was tempted to change and vary it. I’ve noticed that using the same structure over and over helps you to really fine tune an opener, which is especially helpful to guys new at this.