Learn how to approach and interact with women by asking questions.
Asking Questions Is Not The Same As A Compliment
You don’t need to compliment a woman right off the bat. Most of our students find it intimidating to compliment a woman, and luckily you don’t have to start a conversation with a compliment.
You don’t have to say, “How did you decide on such a beautiful hair style?” It might be too scary to say that. Instead you are going to ask questions.
Obviously you shouldn’t insult women either. If you ask a woman, “How did you get your hair so ugly?” Or, “How did you get so stupid?” you’re not going to get anywhere. We include these only for comic relief. When you first meet a woman it usually makes sense to start with a simple question.

Asking Questions Is Not The Same As Making Statements
Many of our students make the error of making statements rather than asking questions. For example, a student recently told us about a conversation he had with a woman. He said, “I asked a question of a woman the other day.” And so we asked him what that question was.
He said, “We were at a concert and I said to her, ‘The floor sure is sticky’.” Well, that’s not a question and that doesn’t offer much of an opening for her to respond. You need to ask questions that invoke a response from her.

Asking Questions Is Different Than Talking About Yourself
If you were at a concert and you walked up to a woman and said, “I sure like the band” Louis and Copeland would come to your house and break your finger.
This is a statement, not a question. You must learn the difference between sharing about yourself and asking a question about her. This point seems simple, but many guys mess it up.
You need to ask her something that will engage her in a back and forth conversation, not spew forth your opinions about life or share about yourself.
At first a woman is not interested in you, nor your opinions. Instead, she’s interested in talking about herself. This means that your focus should be on asking questions where she talks about herself.
Rather than talking about your favorite color, ask her what her favorite color is. Rather than raving about the great new CD you just brought, ask her what sort of music she likes. Rather than talking about your favorite season, ask her what her favorite season is.

Do Not Ask Stupid Cheesy Questions
When you are interacting with a woman and asking questions, you are not allowed to ask her, “Do you come here often?” You are also prohibited from asking about the weather. Those two questions are so cliched that you will come across as a total bonehead.
The last thing you are forbidden from asking is about, “What’s your sign?” Once again they sound too much like lines and are too programmed in her mind to be boring and stupid. The good news is that there are simple questions to ask her and once you get your curiosity circuitry going, you’re not going to have a problem asking the.

Do Not Ask Overtly Sexual Questions
By developing your curiosity circuitry you are learning what you are naturally curious about when talking to women. Learning about your curiosity is crucial.
At the same time you might find yourself wondering, “Gee, are those breast implants? How do they stand up so well?” That is obviously not a question you’re going to want to ask her right out. We probably don’t have to tell you this, but we wanted to double and quadruple check.
We’re not suggesting that you avoid thinking about sex or avoid wondering about a woman’s breasts, or what she’s like in bed. Those are things we all wonder about it when we talk to women. Do not even try to suppress those thoughts.
We’re just saying that none of those questions will fly when talking to a woman. Just remember that you risk face slaps, explosive forms of violence, sexless nights, and trouble if you make overtly sexual comments.

Asking Questions Is Not An Interrogation
We’re going to be teaching you how to ask a woman a question and then a follow up question, but it helps to say something like, “wow” or, “really,” or, “that’s interesting,” before asking a follow up question. When you use those sorts of phrases, take a breath between questions, and then listen to her response, she’ll feel much less like you’re interrogating her.
So, put away the interrogation room spotlight and make sure you avoid bombarding her with rapid-fire questions. Some men keep asking a woman “why, why, why” until she feels uncomfortable — which is another way to have her feel like she’s locked in an interrogation room with you.

Meanwhile, if you ask one question at a time and go at a more slow and relaxed pace the conversation will feel to her natural and easy to sustain. When some guys are excited they easily feel pumped up. While being energized is a good thing, sometimes guys in this state tend to ask too many questions too quickly and not give the woman enough time to respond and not enough space to think. Just remember to slow down and allow her time to respond as well as adding in “wow,” “really,” and/or, “that’s interesting,” and you’ll be fine.