It never ceases to amaze me the amount of creative ideas that guys can come up with when they find that their back is against the wall and they are trying to get back an ex girlfriend. However, as you probably are already aware of, you can just as easily come up with ideas that DON’T work out so well when you are in that tight of a spot. You may feel as though you have tried just about anything and everything to win back your ex girlfriend,   but there might be some ways that you have not thought of just yet.

Have you tried these methods out yet?

a)  Trying to write her a love letter to romance her back to you.
This is one of those throwback moves that guys sometimes go to when they are really trying to sweeten their ex girlfriend up. However,   what you are probably going to find is that the mystique of getting a love letter wears off when a woman has already broken up with a guy. You may want to try this out –  just don’t have big hopes because they can get DASHED really quickly.

b)  Telling her that things will change and that she should trust you.
Oh, boy. This only sounds good when you say it in your head, because as soon as you say it out LOUD, it doesn’t have that much of an effect. Really, trying to tell your ex girlfriend that things are going to change and that she should trust you is about the worst way to make her want to give you another chance. You can try it if you like –  just don’t be surprised when she turns up her nose at that idea.

c)  Using GUILT as a way to make her feel like she «has» to give you another chance.
Guilt is one of those things that only desperate men resort to and you have to admit –  even if she did give you a second chance based off feeling guilty –  how long would that last? Probably not too long. You might be able to get a «date» with her and that’s about it. And it’d be one of those dates where she already knows that nothing is going to happen between you and her.
Okay,   so may be these aren’t the kinds of things that you should try to win back your ex girlfriend. Would you like to know what DOES work?

I can Show You what you should and shouldn’t do if you want to have the BEST chance of being able to win your ex girlfriend back for real.