Women cheat as much as men do. There is a myth that I hear a lot: Men cheat more than women. I’ve heard this from alot of people, men or women. It seems like it’s a law written in stone because no one really argues with it. Everyone admits that women cheat too but 90% of the people will agree with the «fact» that men cheat more.
My view on this is that women cheat as much as the men do. After all, men cheat on women with…well…other women! And these women are most likely to be in a relationship too. Because the last time I’ve checked the vast majority of the women over 25 years old are taken, or at least the good ones! And besides, who wants to cheat with the bad ones?!
So when you do the  math you begin to realize that 1 unfaithful bastard = 1 unfaithful slut. Yet…
Men and women cheat for different reasons.
You see, men are simple beings. We don’t like complicated things. We know very well why we cheat and it’s almost always a reason related to SEX. Isn’t «sex» a simple word?
We cheat when we don’t like the sex we’re getting or when we’re not getting enough. So we look for more and better sex. Period.
Women on the other hand are complicated. Isn’t that a shock? Their willingness to cheat is the result of several factors:

Woman Cheating

1. The man doesn’t fulfill her needs.
That’s invariably the main thing she will throw at you if you ever ask for explanations no matter what the reason is. She will blame you for taking her for granted, making her feel bad about herself or  not paying attention to her (including sex). And you know… this can be true.
What can you do
Not much, just play along. Pay a little more attention to her, tell her that you love her a little more often (yet not daily!), tell her that she looks good when she’s wearing just a top and shorts, in a word just be more considerate. Because at some point there will be a guy that will hit on her and he will be more attentive with her than you are.
2. She is inclined to cheat
Her personality is involved in this too.  Some women will never ever cheat on their boyfriend not matter what the circumstances are and some are predisposed to cheat on every boyfriend they have.
But most women are somewhere in the middle, leaning to one direction or the other.
What can you do
How can you find out what she’s made of? Simple. Before getting involved into a relationship ask her If she ever cheated on someone. Do it in a non judgmental context like a truth or dare game, otherwise you will get nothing from her. If  a girl that cheated on every guy she’s been with, than it’s going to happen again!
3. She’s in an irresistible situation
Like meeting that hot actor she fantasized about since she was in high-school. Or she’s somewhere where nobody’s gonna know what she’s doing.  Or she’s drunk out of her mind at a party and the atmosphere is so highly sexually charged that everybody’s hooking up.
That’s a typical situation in which the average man is going to cheat and unfortunately women are no different although we like think so…

What can you do

Don’t put her in those situations in the first place or if  the situation can’t be avoided, don’t let her be alone! Be careful not to come across as overly  jealous. She might get the feeling that you are a bit but a little jealousy is good because it proves that you care about her. Just don’t admit that you are. Let her have a sense of it, let her feel it. It’s much better this way.