Recently, I published an article that talked about moving from break up to make up using baby steps and not a giant leap of faith. In that article, I talk about how calling your ex to say let’s get back together will never work but want to get together for coffee after work has a much better chance of success.

But what if one, or both, of you don’t like coffee? What if that’s even too big of a step to take? What do you do instead?
I’m a big believer in the fact that your relationship problems didn’t happen all at once, it was a slow, gradual process that separated the two of you. Why would you think that you can fix the problems all at once? You have to go slow and take your time to repair the relationship. Here are some other ideas I’ve come up with that will go a long way to helping you discover how to get a woman back:

Make Dinner For Her

OK, this one assumes that maybe you two haven’t gotten too far into trouble yet. Maybe you’ve just had a fight and it feels pretty intense but she’s not moved back in with her mother just yet. Trust me on this one guys, women LOVE it when a man cooks them dinner. You should also make it something you two don’t normally have and make sure you go to the grocery store and buy lots of fresh ingredients and make everything yourself. Don’t think throwing a bunch of spaghetti in a pot with some Ragu sauce will convey the same amount of love as Teriyaki Chicken with steamed vegetables.

Send her flowers

I don’t know what it is about flowers but women love them. They especially love them when their girlfriends get to see them getting them. Now we’re going to assume you’re trying to get your woman back after some kind of rift so don’t go over the top with 2 dozen long stemmed roses and a card that says Oh baby, I miss you so much and want you back in my life. A nice, simple bouquet of flowers (try to avoid roses since they’re so cliche) sent to her office with a note Thinking of you will work wonders.

Remember details

Women totally love a man who can remember the smallest details of their relationships. Where did you two first meet? What was your first dance song (if you are married)? Try to take advantage of that. Perhaps send her flowers on the anniversary of your first date. Maybe get your first dance song played on the radio at a time you know she’d be listening. Something that shows her that you remember the little stuff.