When casting a love spell it is important to understand that the effect does not come from a single hit. There is no sudden bolt of love that strikes the intended recipient of the spell, rendering them helplessly in love with you. Genuine spells work by building up the emotion gradually, which is exactly the same as how we fall in love naturally .

Casting a real love spell that works is like building a house. Imagine for a moment that you are homeless, living in the forest, sleeping rough on the ground. You want to build a proper house, and it’s not going to happen over night.
You start by clearing the ground of trees, shrubs, rocks, and getting the surface level. Then you dig out some foundations and fill them with concrete. At the end of the first step, you are clearly better off than you were previously. Now you can sleep on a solid insulated dry floor. But you don’t yet have a house.
The next step is to build the walls. By the time those are up, your situation is again considerably better than before. Now you are largely sheltered from the wind, and from animals that roam the land at night. But you still don’t have a house.

Now you can put on a roof. This is a big step forward. You are now entirely sheltered from the elements, and secure. Even now though, you’re not done. You need to fit out the inside, add rooms, put in plumbing and electrics, decorate.

Now imagine that instead of doing each of these steps one immediately after the other, you left huge gaps between them. You laid the foundations, then left them for six months. A severe frost could cause them to crack, wasting that hard work. What about the walls? If left without a roof for any length of time, water would get in and eventually erode them. Your building efforts would have been in vain.

Casting love spells is the same. You start with a strong foundation, and you work up from there, adding layers of emotion, building stronger love within the person you desire.

But if you start a spell, then stop the “construction”, your foundations will crack and disintegrate. If you don’t maintain the emotional energy and strengthen the spell, your efforts will be in vain.

As a professional spell caster, sadly I see this all too often. People ask me to cast a spell, or they start one themselves, but they have unrealistic expectations. They imagine that in a few days they will see amazing results and the person they desire will be throwing themselves upon them.

The reality is it takes time. Stuff does happen during those first days. Arguably the most important stuff – the foundations. But like the house, you can’t see much progress from a set of foundations. And when people don’t see progress, they lose heart, or faith in the process. They assume it’s not working, and give up.
This is a real shame because so often they are close to seeing the first external signs of progress. Subsequent castings, like building walls, make a visible difference.

Another problem I see is that at the first sign of progress, people think they can stop casting their spell. Again, this is an error because the emotional energy of the spell needs to be maintained until it reaches critical mass. Like the house that doesn’t yet have a roof, the spell needs to be completed to make it safe and secure from external elements.

So my message to anyone casting a spell, or having a spell cast, is simple. Have realistic expectations about what’s involved. Give it time. Understand that you will rarely see progress in the early stages, because it’s all happening under the surface. Often with a love spell, it can seem that the result does happen over night, just a long time after the spell was started. Of course the reality of the situation is that the result has been cooking away under the surface since the very first casting. The visible change appears suddenly when it reaches critical mass.