BikerDateLink is an adult dating and community site, aiming to bring ‘sexy bikers’ together, for hook ups, dates, friendship, love and romance. On entering the site you will immediately be met with the by line ‘Hook up today – ride all night’, which is the perfect thesis for this fun loving and interesting community. Although the by line would lead you to believe the site is adult in nature and photographs, it is actually quite mild, although is more liberal in the material it allows than a large amount of normal dating sites.

For this reason it is a good idea to go onto the site with an open mind, knowing there may be some content that some users may find inappropriate. The site has a good sized user base of regular members and visitors, and operates internationally, particularly in the US, Canada and UK. Providing you are aged over 18 you can join the site, and be met with a wealth of different members, guaranteeing you meet someone who seeks a similar type of relationship to you. Before you can go any further in the site you will be required to submit a test search, which gives you the exact number of regular members in your area, based on the location and age range you input into the search field. Once this is complete you can then choose whether to register as a free member, in order to search and browse the thousands of potential matches in your area. In addition to free membership, there is also premium, which you have to pay to subscribe to. This level of membership offers unlimited use of the sites features and facilities, and is something to think about once you have familiarized yourself with the website, and are serious about finding someone. Upgrades can be bought on a month by month basis, to offer maximum flexibility to the user.

This allows the user to purchase membership when they feel they will require full use of the site, and then go back to free membership when they will not be as actively looking for matches. Registration is quick and easy, although you will be required to enter some amount of detail about yourself, and the type of match you wish to find. The mandatory section requires email address, location, date of birth etc, however the next two sections can be completed at a later date although are fun to do, and also allows other members to find out more about you. Details such as your body type, eye and hair color, education level, occupation, whether you smoke and drink and your relationship status can be specified, for both yourself and your ideal match. Once you have registered you may then choose to upload photographs to help increase your chances of meeting someone. The majority of members on Biker Date Link do have a number of photos to help them stand out from the others. Searching is extensive, but very easy to use.

As a free member you are limited to quick and basic searches, which still allow you some control over the types of matched profiles that will appear. Quick searches are browsing tools, requiring you to choose a specific search field, such as all members currently online, those new to the site, or only members with photographs for example. Basic searches are slightly more specified, requiring an age range, gender, type of relationship the match should be looking for, and location to within 100 miles. Advanced and zip code searches are reserved for the privilege of subscribing members. An advanced search has a number of different parameters which allow you full control and flexibility over the match you desire, including their preferred eye color, hair color, body type, whether they want children or not etc. Once a search query has loaded, you may then rifle through the matched profiles to see whether you wish to take the next step, and initiate communication with them. Free members have limited contact options; however as they can browse full profiles they can still choose to break the ice, so to speak, with a ‘flirt’.

These are fun icons or messages that you can choose from, and send to the user of your choice. ‘Hot listing’ a member adds them to your list of favorites, so rather than re-search to find the same user, it is easy to just go on your hotlist and find the user you are looking for. Premium members have a number of added features at their disposal, including sending and receiving email messages, instant messages, e-cards, and taking part in live public and private chat rooms. There are a number of bonus features and services on Biker Date Link, some solely for their use of premium members, and others available to free members also. These include message boards and forums, member blogs, chat and webcam rooms, links, and events and happenings in the Biker world. Biker Date Link has a large user base, and welcomes a huge number of visitors and new members every month. Providing a good starting point for its guest members, it is easy to make an informed decision about whether to stick with the site and subscribe. Everyone makes an effort to welcome new members, whether they seek friendship, dating or love – it’s a community where everyone is content just to meet other bike lovers.