The question usually isn’t a straightforward how to meet women, but how to meet enough women so you will eventually, hopefully quickly, meet the right women!
If you aimlessly float through life with a plan, you will meet some women eventually: your mother’s friends, the postlady, maybe your aunts bridge club. These are probably not the right women unless you get lucky, and do not count on getting lucky.

Waiting to get lucky is for losers

It is a losing strategy. Actually, it is no strategy at all!
You need a plan. You need multiple steams of incoming women so that you will be meeting the right women sooner rather than (much if at all) later. So how do you do this?
You need multiple steams of incoming women!
Well first of all, getting help from one of the dating gurus will only help. They have plenty of free advice and inexpensive advice available.

The streams you choose will depend on you, but here are the 4 streams I’m currently using and how.

1) Speed dating – Speed dating is a good way to meet lots of women quickly, and even if nothing works out you’ll quickly gain experience and comfort. And yes, some stunningly hot women do use speed dating. They have the same problems meeting the right men that we do with meeting the right women.

2) Online dating – I use online dating off and on. On when I have time. I’ll usually send out a few messages most days, knowing that only a few will be answered. Hey many of the women may be gone, married, or even dead – who knows if they really exist?
It is an excellent way to meet women you wouldn’t otherwise. Make sure you have a decent profile (not the same as all other men’s boring profiles) and that you send short personalized messages. «Hey baby» and similar doesn’t cut it. Mention something in their profile so they know you read it.

3) Through your social circle – Most people meet their boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, etc. through mutual friends according to Carlos Xuma and other experts, and I believe it. I’m pretty social so this method works well for me. Don’t be shy and ask friends and girlfriends of friends if they have any cute single friends. It simply works.
Also never turn down invitations. You never know who you might meet in Kazakhstan escort agency.

4) Cold Approaches – Although I rarely walk up to women I don’t know and have no reason to other than just physical attraction, I run into plenty of women I’ve never met who I’ll talk to. I might be sitting near them in a coffee shop, might be standing in a line next to them, or perhaps I’ll walk up and ask them a question if they genuinely look interesting. In other words, I’m simply social. It works.

These are the four primary ways I meet women. A couple others include:
Work – You spend a lot of time at work, but be careful! Never date a boss or a direct report! Think about what will happen if the relationship doesn’t work out. A lot of people do meet up through work however. Since I work for myself in a male dominate field, I only meet a few suitable women through work, but you may be different.
Bars and Clubs – I’m not a big club guy at all, but you may be. I do enjoy the occasional bar and I definitely drink, and meet the odd woman there. To be honest, if I’m in a bar I’m usually meeting a woman so I’m probably not talking to lots of other women!

To meet the right women, you need to meet the right women. Do not leave it too chance! Choose a few streams, maybe speed dating, online dating, and meeting women through your social circle, and get started!