Work, home, the weekend in front of the TV, stretched T-shirts and dishes from the nearest restaurant… Is that how you dreamed about your relationship? Surely, there are a lot of worries every day, but it is necessary to set priorities correctly. For example, an evening on the sofa after a hard day’s work is good, but it is better to spend it in a romantic atmosphere with sex.

The ways to diversify sex life

Sexual relationships in a family bring people together, inspire and make them feel loved. To make this work, women need to open up. It’s time to open up to each other and talk heart to heart. Do not hesitate this, because men love when women share their fantasies, it is very exciting. The main condition is to be as open as possible! Your partner will support you, but you, in turn, must listen and do not stop his fantasies of nude celebrities. There are two of you in the room, no one is watching you, so you can give freedom to your feelings.

A new wardrobe is also useful here. If you want to diversify your sex life, it’s time to revise your wardrobe! What are you sleeping in? Knee or nightgowns or t-shirts 3 sizes larger? It’s time to go to the store and buy new sexy lingerie, but it is better to go to bed without clothes at all! Do not be afraid to take the initiative in this case.

Use the toys. The vibrator is a good friend because, with a vibrator, you can find out what movements will bring you to orgasm, how to achieve it faster or extend the pleasure. Then you can tell this to your guy. In addition, regular sex (even with a vibrator) is not only a guarantee of a good mood but also develops sexuality.